Newsflash: Your Website Is Not 'Finished', 'Done' or 'Ready'.
Why? Because it's not performing how you want it to.

It could be making better progress and helping to grow your business online.
Take a natural approach: use a number of digital channels,
gain new customers & make the most of those you already have.
It's integrated Internet Marketing.

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You Need A Platform

Perhaps you're a new business, or an established company looking to get started online.
We'll ensure you receive expert assistance to guide you towards success, whether that's with a website design, ecommerce software, a social platform or a different kind of digital experience.

You Need Visitors That Convert

Using real data on how your prospective customers behave online, we're able to help you target the right kind of visitor.

First, we plan. Then, we implement, measure and improve performance alongside your business goals.

You Need Growth

A business should never stop growing.
Internet Marketing provides an affordable opportunity for sustainable growth.

We'd love to travel with you every step of the way.
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Search & Inbound Marketing
  • Using the internet as a business tool can seem quite easy to some and very complex to others.

    There's a wealth of opportunity online, and with the right guidance any company can reap the benefits, no matter what your level of understanding.

    Here's a little more information about BlueGreen and our approach to providing services.

  • Our Core Principles

    It's important to have principles. BlueGreen keep these ideas in mind when working on any project:

    • By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail
    • Communication solves all problems
    • Shared knowledge benefits everyone

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  • Content

    Good content can make a website successful. It doesn't have to be all-singing, all-dancing, dynamic content that flies around the screen. Good content should solve whatever problem visitors to your website have - whether they wish to discover your services, buy your products or simply find out more information about something.

    BlueGreen are experienced in providing Content Strategy, Production and Marketing solutions focussed on meeting business objectives. You may need some good quality copywriting, or perhaps a full content-led campaign. Find out more about our approach to Content.

    View Web Content Solutions

  • SEO/Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO is both a technical and marketing discipline which affects the way both Search Engines and people find and view a website.
    Most businesses or individuals wish to use SEO to:

    • Rank in prominent positions in search results for relevant keywords to your business
    • Receive a lot of traffic for a variety of phrases that will help generate leads or sales
    • Achieve growth over time

    Read more about how SEO can help you

  • Paid Search/Pay per-click/PPC

    PPC Advertising is truly remarkable marketing tool. It allows businesses to buy space on search results pages for their target keywords. It's possible to quickly expand the reach of a website and accurately measure new business acquisition costs.
    PPC platforms including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Retargeting and Microsoft adCenter/Bing Ads allow you to:

    • Receive traffic for targeted keywords and phrases
    • Measure cost per-acquisition accurately in order to increase return on investment
    • Build a brand through display advertising
    • Display ads to visitors who have already been to your website but not contacted/bought from you - until they do!

    Read more about how PPC can help you

  • Website Design

    In order to create a successful online business, or an online portray of your business, using design appropriately is key. BlueGreen view design as a means to gain trust with visitors and increase the chances of business development - whether that's though a vibrant, fun-looking design or a more reserved, subtle aesthetic.

    Find out more about our design approach

  • Training

    One of our core principles is "Shared knowledge benefits everyone". It's important that you know what we're doing behind the "smoke and mirrors" some aspects of online marketing are associated with. The more you know, the better you can help us help you.

    Another reason we offer training is that using BlueGreen as a service provider isn't for everyone. Some companies don't need a full-time internet marketing service and can benefit from one-off consultations, planning or training to enable them to implement ideas themselves.

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